About me

Jennifer. That’s my name. I call myself an interior designer as it’s a nice way to categorise my taste in life. While I’ve based in Barcelona (Spain) I hold a bachelor’s degree in it. I’m a highly skilled specialist in habitat, 3D modelling and lighting. My wish is to combine my knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative designs to my clients.

For building plans my weapons of choice are AutoCAD and Revit for creating blueprints, then Photoshop to produce more visual and attractive plans by adding color and textures. I render with Revit, SketchUp, Rhinoceros and V-ray. I also use InDesign for layout and sometimes Illustrator. I’m a keen user of 3DStudio Max and I practice my digital drawing whenever I have time.

What distinguishes me from others in my field of expertise is that I treat my whole life as a learner. I have worked with architects, industrial designers, artists, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, sellers and from all of them I have learned things that I have applied to design. More recently, I’ve held internship in Rife Studio in charge of developing space planning concepts, generating program documents and doing 3D modelling. I’ve learned and tried to master all the projects’s stages, contributing unique and characteristic values ​​of me to each of them.

I always try to be up to date in many fields, so I’m interested in what’s happening in the world, not only in design, but also in architecture, sport, technology, branding, fashion and beauty. I’m fully interested in a wide range of these kind of projects. My work is a reflection of my curiosity for the world, which is basically my source of inspiration.

Occasionally I dabble with the idea of ​​being a great designer, and I’m sure my dream will come true. Unless otherwise noted, there is no one who can develop your project better than me. Do think about it.

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