Digcover Exhibition

MARCH 2016
Jennifer García
Pedro Restegui

The objective of this project was clear and concise: to design an exhibition space where to show and teach people a series of prototypes. Therefore, we decided from the outset to make an exhibition that transmitted the essence of each prototype, that is, to propose materials that would allow us to generate a creative aesthetic and to remember in some way the simplicity, manageability and sense of the aesthetic adaptation that Present the materials used for the realization of first prototypes.

Taking as a reference a cave, it has been tried to recreate its dark, cold and rocky environment, by means of large blocks of porexpan that cover the whole room and that they must be hit with a special rake to be able to open way until arriving at each of the Ten products that will have exhibited inside of him randomly, indicated and serving as a guide in a ‘treasure map’ that will be distributed to each visitor at the entrance of the exhibition. In this way, the exhibition goes from being a purely contemplative event, to becoming an entire ‘adventure of excavation’, in which the action that characterizes each of the objects, mostly oriented towards the food sector, becomes In the main attraction of the exhibition, generating a dynamic and fun bond between what it contains and the content. Without a doubt, an experience that everyone will want to try and share, and where the first visitors will enjoy the luxury of being able to open the first rows that will discover interesting and curious potential prototypes.

Model 1:33



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