..What happens in 70’s..

JUNE 2012
Jennifer García

With the cooperation and initiative of the Decoration, Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design and Stands and Window Dressing teams, a completely neutral space has been transformed into a representation of the disco musical movement of the time along with the deco-retro current characteristic of the 70s , without losing the minimal air that envelops a large part of the commercial spaces of today. Denominating itself after several tests and Cadillac sketches.

Moved by the ecological current of the moment, recycled products have been used to create decorative and exhibition structures. Regarding the showcase, it has tried to make an analogy with a popular saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. The madness, passion, joy and things that will remain forever in the minds of people.

The concept of the showcase seeks to reflect the great icons of the 70s. A decade remembered by all and that marked a space in time. Models, actors, musicians and others are icons that are still remembered and print the nostalgia and passion sought in the concept. Thus, they have mixed photographs of great representatives of the time, such as Twiggy, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, with the product offered in Cadillac. The fact of using the images in black and white and the product in its real color, generates the contrast sought by the team, of which I have been part, reinforcing the product.


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